Well, it took me a few days to come down since my post on Linux’ or respectively Ubuntu’s abysmal status on laptop drives. I changed the spindown times by myself now, no big deal. I still think it should be done by the distributions though.

Anyway, compiling kernel went fine as ever which means I’ve got fully working sound on my Vostro 1500 now. The third party ipw3945 driver works fine aswell and so does the nVidia binary blob.

I’m quite happy with my setup now. Given the fact that Windows Vista does like to shred the laptop harddrive aswell I consider Linux the better choice. Especially with a fully loaded GNOME desktop (haven’t used GNOME for dunno how long) that just works with all the nice buttons on my laptop. I’m sure you can do that with KDE aswell, but… no need for the hassle 🙂 .

By the way: You shouldn’t ever use your laptop in a train of the Deutsche Bahn, at least if it isn’t an InterCity or Metronom, the regional trains are humpy bumpy like a rollercoaster. No fun.

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