Who are you?

Heya, Tsukasa here. I was born in the 1980s and currently live in Germany, where I work as a software developer. I run this website and all the encoding errors are mine! It isn’t much, but at least it is something, right?

Despite my appearance and demeanour, I consider myself an optimist and humanist. I believe strongly in the power of the information age to bring knowledge to the masses and enable people to express and discuss their own opinions.

I enjoy programming, anime, old 16bit video games, Star Trek TNG and tinkering with technology. My chosen addiction is the game Final Fantasy XIV and just like any good addiction, I could stop at any time if I wanted.

I dislike people forcing their opinions and values on others, especially when they see themselves as untouchable and always in the right. Lasting social change is not brought by violence, cancel-culture and hiding in safe-spaces but by making people realize why an issue needs attention and working together to come to a consensus and a solution within the framework of our society.

Here are some quickfire answers:

  • Light or dark mode?
    Dark mode all day (and night)!
  • IRC or Discord?
    IRC. Forever.
  • vi or emacs?
    vi, because it is more widely available.
  • Python or Ruby?
  • GUI or CUI?
    Depends on the use case.
  • PC or Macintosh?
  • Amiga or PC?
  • Windows or Linux?
    Both. Also BSD.
  • Your favourite game?
    The Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past.
  • Your favourite anime?
    Too many to choose from, so let’s go with Onegai Twins.
  • Your favourite book?
    Robert Musil’s The Man Without Qualities.
  • Your favourite movie?
    Office Space, because it’s more like a documentary than a comedy.
  • What would you do with a million Euros?
    Nothing would change, one million EUR is not enough to retire or live a lavish lifestyle with.

Why blog?

Back in 2004 when I started this blog as “azuresky – cloudy sky, occasional rain” I wanted to experiment with the medium of a quick, user-centric publishing platform. The blog dealt with IT news, gaming and anime related content.

Being more than ten years older now I feel that a shift of focus is in order. Tsukasa no Hibi is still my digital soapbox, I still voice my opinions – but much less frequently. I’m done experimenting with blogging and I think the mixture of reviews, short tricks and occasional columns is just what this blog should be.

Unfortunately, we have failed in our quest to make an API-first web that is both machine-readable as well as open and accessible. Instead, people congregate on closed platforms like Discord, Twitter and Medium these days where they are no longer the owners of their own data and APIs are often non-public or subject to severe usage limitations.

In case you are wondering: Yes, I frequently do remove old posts to ensure this blog stays lean, clean and nice. It also gets rid of the odd encoding errors that have snuck their way into the datasets over the years.

Every once in a while this blog completely disappears from the face of the web, depending on my motivation and stress levels.

Content and external links

I can only ensure that content on this domain is safe. Due to the internet’s volatile nature, there is no guarantee that links to 3rd party websites will be available and/or the content will be safe to view.

The posts on this blog solely represent my personal opinion and/or are an exaggerated piece of satire. Interpretation is up to you, the reader.

If you feel a post is offensive or violates your copyright, please leave a comment first so we can work this out in a sensible way like adults.

Comments and privacy

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Contact information

Due to the massive amount of spam and abuse (online as well as in real-life), I will no longer provide any contact information.

In case you feel chatty, you can reach me on Libera.Chat where I reside as tsukasa.

If you have any business with me, leave a comment.

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