Can’t really tell how I’ve managed to overlook this great program 🙂 .

Nemo is a file manager without… well… it’s more like a calendar actually… but with files. Hard to explain but very fitting to keep track of my incredible heap of data. I’ll keep an eye on this project as it is not only written in C# (Mono) but also utilizes the capabilities of Xesam. That makes 2 great reasons to love it already 🙂 .

Winforms in Mono

I hope I don’t have to emphatize how much of a Mono fanboy I am at this point 🙂 . Today I had one of these “Wow” moments Microsoft wanted me to give with Vista (they failed miserably, btw) when I did some poking at Winforms in Mono and were able to run my fairly sophisticated installation program example I wrote a while back unmodified on Linux (and it basically worked out of the box):

I was especially impressed by the fact that the program was aware the user level it was running in. I started it with sudo and got the result you can see above, program reports “elevated” status. Now this is very cool, more so because this was originally written for Windows Vista! One thing I’d love to implement, just for the sake of completing a nice installer demo, is awareness of what operating system the installer is being launched on/what features are available in the CLR it is running in. Also some smaller things like getting rid of improper path delimiters and casing where files should go depending on the system. Wycked.

Monodevelop no longer broken

Yeah, I don’t really know what’s different now. A fresh checkout from trunk, a quick compile and Monodevelop is back in action. It is actually the first version I’m using in a long time, I’ll try to get a little more into Mono and Gtk# now as Qyoto still seems to be a little in the future for everyday use across different platforms.

So, as a little test of some of the Mono namespaces I’ve built a quick and dirty (I really mean it!) program that writes a user-selectable number of feeds from Liferea’s liferea.db back into XML files (RSS2):

If there’s any interest I’ll polish the code to be less prone to errors and post the sources.

By the way: Weekend, yay.