Howto: Run Vector Magic Desktop Edition with Wine

Vector Magic is pretty cool. I loved the project back in the days when everyone could use it for free and was happy to see that they started providing a desktop client after going commercial. Even better: The client is utilizing Qt so we have a Windows and a Mac version. But nothing for Linux.

Don’t fret, of course you can run this application with Wine:
The only thing to notice here is that you need to set your Windows version to Windows 98, otherwise the application will always go haywire when loading a picture.


All features are working perfectly, no native DLLs needed.

Wine 1.0 RC

Woot woot. Good things do happen 🙂

Now it’s time to do some regression tests. Without implying bad things here, but people should be very strict with applications before giving out platinum status.

Things like “does work perfectly fine as long as you don’t click button X” or “works perfectly fine but has some visual glitches” usually mean the application does not work perfectly fine and therefore doesn’t really deserve platinum status. Feels a bit like cheating on yourself if you give out platinum too easily. Just my two cents, though.

Wine to go 1.0 soon

Now that is news, my fellow subjects!

Wine, the not-so-much-an-emulator program that bridges the gap between Linux and Windows, is about to hit One-point-O in a not so distant future. It took 15 years to get to this point and Wine is an absolutely remarkable piece of software. There are some interesting ideas floating out there as well, so I’m absolutely never going to get tired of watching it evolve.

Anyway, Wine 1.0… what can I say? I’d love Wine to be less Johnny-on-the-spot and a little bit more reliable sometimes. But then again, I’m primarily using it to run games like Team Fortress 2, so I’m in no position to complain about freezes. Wine works for just about everything by now and I’m eagerly looking forward to your 1.0 tarball 🙂 .

WINE Nitty Gritty

Normalerweise führt der Einsatz eines Joypads bei GTA: San Andreas unter Wine dazu, dass CJ unentwegt vorwärts läuft. Das ist recht nervig und ein Fehler, der auch in anderen Spielen auftritt.

Im Bugtracker steht jetzt die Lösung: Einfach per chmod Lesezugriff auf /dev/input/event* geben. Funktioniert hervorragend 🙂 .

Ebenfalls im Bugtracker findet man Hinweise darauf, dass an einer etwas besseren Kompatibilität zu nProtect gearbeitet wird. Hervorragende Neuigkeiten für jeden Onlinespieler 🙂 .