Wine to go 1.0 soon

Now that is news, my fellow subjects!

Wine, the not-so-much-an-emulator program that bridges the gap between Linux and Windows, is about to hit One-point-O in a not so distant future. It took 15 years to get to this point and Wine is an absolutely remarkable piece of software. There are some interesting ideas floating out there as well, so I’m absolutely never going to get tired of watching it evolve.

Anyway, Wine 1.0… what can I say? I’d love Wine to be less Johnny-on-the-spot and a little bit more reliable sometimes. But then again, I’m primarily using it to run games like Team Fortress 2, so I’m in no position to complain about freezes. Wine works for just about everything by now and I’m eagerly looking forward to your 1.0 tarball 🙂 .

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