Howto: Fix Wuala’s Copy & Paste on Linux

If you’re using a recent KDE version you’ll notice that Wuala’s Copy & Paste feature doesn’t really seem to work anymore. Instead of using the contents you specify within the application (say, files and folders) it’ll always use the contents of Klipper.

That’s pretty annoying if you don’t know that the contents does indeed come from Klipper. So, just clear your Klipper history and you should be fine.

Wuala Web Downloads

Wow, now that’s quite an update. Now you can download public files as well as password-protected files from the web. Share all your stuff with friends around the world in a safe, quick way. Great stuff that makes Wuala even better 🙂 .

Of course, that means you can download the API wrapper straight from the web as well and don’t have to mangle around with subversion anymore 😉 .

Using the Wuala API .net wrapper for quick in-folder search

An interesting question that came up to me was how to implement a quick, efficient in-folder search engine with the .net wrapper. Of course, by it’s nature this isn’t a given feature and because you’d have to enumerate through all the subfolders.

But the question tips of another aspect: LINQ in combination with the wrapper.

As the entire assembly is written with extendability in mind, let me say: Yes, you can easily use LINQ with the wrapper:

var allfiles = WualaFile.GetFileList(
"//", true, false);

var files = allfiles.Items
            .Where(f => f.Name.Contains("09"))
            .OrderBy(f => f.Url);

foreach(var file in files)
   Console.WriteLine(""{0}"", file.Name);


If you want to build an in-folder search that also cares about subfolders though, recursively get the files from the folders, add them to a global index, run LINQ queries over it and export the Url of the result files back in. Easy as that.

Wrapper Release

Gee. I didn’t get around to post this but the stable wrapper v. has been released onto Wuala.

Changes include the latest adjustments to the API (doesn’t include the changes to the thumbnail method, as this came later) and a little cleanup/documentation in the sourcecode itself.

I think it’s a nice, easy-going wrapper to work with that doesn’t make a big deal out of every little event (as a matter of fact, it doesn’t throw any exceptions whatsoever $me thinks).

Since there isn’t much demand for fast-paced development and I’m kind of absorbed into FarCry 2 at the moment, I probably won’t bother working on the Wuala Browser Sample (the application that should succeed ToyBox at one point) for a while — that doesn’t mean I won’t play around with it, though.

Wrapper for Wuala’s API

As many Wuala users have probably noticed, there is an official group for the upcoming Wuala API available. Yes, the documentation for the alpha API is out and I’ve been busy implementing the specs into an easy-to-use .net assembly for the last two days.

Basically I’ve all the calls plugged in and wired together, all that’s left before a first public test version (watch the group, people!) is to clean up some ugly sections and start basic documentation on how to work with the calls and classes, although the included ToyBox application should show this.

So, when will there be a public download and will the sourcecode for the assembly be freely available? A first public version is to be expected to hit the Wuala API group in the middle of the week, I’d prefer to release earlier but I want to make sure I have a somewhat solid base for further improvements. The sourcecode will be made available later on, the people from Caleido’s staff already do have access to it though.

A basic set of features:

  • Complete implementation of the current Wuala API.
  • Uses basic datatypes and generics only
  • Full proxy support
  • Many function overloads (yet more to come!)

Some things that won’t make the cut for the first test version:

  • Better integration/naming of the properties to be more .net like
  • A somewhat more dynamic way of implementing certain calls

I hope that this work will encourage people to play and experiment more with Wuala and it’s capabilities, even though the current API is somewhat limited.

Update: I released a binary version of the DLL as well as the sourcecode for ToyBox into the Wuala API group. Feel free to test it and give me your feedback either directly via the group or by comment 🙂 .

Wuala goes beta, Badges to celebrate

Along with the public beta of Wuala there’s also a new website.

Aside from the plethora of new information, a feature to install/launch Wuala straight from the browser and mucho polished bling, Caleido offers a few badges to advertise Wuala and link to your own shared files (very welcome indeed!)

Unfortunately all of those badges are… big. Many people (including myself) use the common 80×15 badges with the common layout icon on the left, text on the right.

That’s why I quickly threw together two small badges in the standard form-factor. Use them as you like 😉 .