Using the Wuala API .net wrapper for quick in-folder search

An interesting question that came up to me was how to implement a quick, efficient in-folder search engine with the .net wrapper. Of course, by it’s nature this isn’t a given feature and because you’d have to enumerate through all the subfolders.

But the question tips of another aspect: LINQ in combination with the wrapper.

As the entire assembly is written with extendability in mind, let me say: Yes, you can easily use LINQ with the wrapper:

var allfiles = WualaFile.GetFileList(
"//", true, false);

var files = allfiles.Items
            .Where(f => f.Name.Contains("09"))
            .OrderBy(f => f.Url);

foreach(var file in files)
   Console.WriteLine(""{0}"", file.Name);


If you want to build an in-folder search that also cares about subfolders though, recursively get the files from the folders, add them to a global index, run LINQ queries over it and export the Url of the result files back in. Easy as that.

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