Howto: Run Vector Magic Desktop Edition with Wine

Vector Magic is pretty cool. I loved the project back in the days when everyone could use it for free and was happy to see that they started providing a desktop client after going commercial. Even better: The client is utilizing Qt so we have a Windows and a Mac version. But nothing for Linux.

Don’t fret, of course you can run this application with Wine:
The only thing to notice here is that you need to set your Windows version to Windows 98, otherwise the application will always go haywire when loading a picture.


All features are working perfectly, no native DLLs needed.

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2 Responses to Howto: Run Vector Magic Desktop Edition with Wine

  1. Wulf Solter says:

    Cheers for that! Works perfectly! I tried a few versions, but turned to google before i got to 98 🙂

  2. vector says:

    It seems to work, but the fonts in the VectorMagic GUI don’t render.

    Ubuntu 9.10

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