Begging for more

I know I’m an asshole. That’s why it doesn’t matter that I hereby kindly request support for an up-to-date RandR support in the nVidia binary blob. Why, you might ask? I want to hot plug monitors with my laptop 🙂 . So, get to work nVidia, or I shall sentence you to work in the salt-mines until the sorry day you die!

Personally I see this as the greatest improvement in RandR, restarting X “just” to expand a desktop somehow disrupts one’s workflow a little. Having to beg for little pieces is probably the downside of a binary blob.

On a brighter note: Disabling Full Force GPU Scaling dramatically reduces the temperature in the mobile GPU core which I consider to be a good thing; less heat equals less energy consumption which equals Tsukasa can hack longer on nonsense. Wow, batteries are just so frickin’ amazing, no?

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