Can’t use Linux on my laptop

Well, now that’s quite a sad day for me. I can’t and won’t use Linux on my laptop because of the outstanding issues. This is not limited to Ubuntu, Debian has exactly the same flaw. I finally have my machine and I don’t want to break it within half a year.

The people who obviously think of this as some kind of unimportant glitch should pay for the repair costs. I’m simply disgusted. The laptop drive gives me the creeps with Linux, sounds terribly broken and is constantly going up and down. A Load_Cycle_Count of 400 on a brand-new, 2 day old notebook almost seems like some act of vandalism to me.

No, I won’t issue hdparm commands on every start, hibernate and whatnot. The distributors should fix this. Not the users.

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2 thoughts on “Can’t use Linux on my laptop”

  1. Hello there!

    I must say I’m impressed! Never heard of this problem before and it is quite serious. Now, I just received a new laptop ’cause the old one got broken (luckly the warranty covered the new one) 2 days ago. Load Cycle is at 347 right now.

    I got 4 Operating Systems installations on this time, one of them on batteries, so MAYBE it is not something to worry about. I’ll keep an eye on it, though, so that luckly I ‘ll still be able to use Linux.

    I agree with you on who should fix the problem, but I may use hdparm if it is the case … 🙁


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