First impressions: Creative EP630 earphones

Ever since my iPod earphones died on me (must’ve been sometime in 2007) I was in search of decent earphones. Ordering another pair of shitty Apple run-of-the-mill earphones was out of question, the sound was just terrible and the hardware is/was inexcusable high priced.

On a whim I ordered Creative’s EP630 earphones. Earphones may be a little misleading here, for they’re actually in-ear phones.

One has to be sceptic: Is it really healthy and safe to use some oropax-like phones? I don’t think it is.

The vital point is the sound though. Can this pair of small speakers really deliver good sound? Actually, yes.

The sound is reasonably good, in-ear phones block out noises from the environment pretty well so they’re perfect for my use in trains and whatnot. A crucial point for the quality of sound is the position of the speakers. If placed wrong the sound is just shallow and bad. On the other hand, when placed correctly the speakers deliver a good performance. I can’t really comment on specifics here.

The EP360 definetively do not rival my real studio phones. In fact they’re worlds apart but with about 20€ the price for the EP360 is quite okay.

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