A word about Qumana

A while ago I was pondering about blogging clients (again?!). I vowed to intensively test Qumana and report back (or at least I intended to 😉 ).

Now, I’ve been testing Qumana for a while now. In fact, all posts ever since have been published with Qumana. Sounds like a good idea to give my final verdict (until I test programs again, that is).

Qumana is awesome.

I don’t call everything I come across awesome, but this software is very nice. Let me illustrate it for you:
Time paradox!

Yeah, scaling in this software is a little bit bah, but hey… it’s free and it actually is able to upload images (QED 🙂 ) . The interface is pretty slick and clean, just like BlogJet (which I adore as well). Most points in the interface are pretty much self-explanatory.

But not everything is sunshine and kittens: Although the software is written in Java it doesn’t work on Linux thanks to the dependencies on some DLLs. The big fugly main toolbar can’t be hidden or at least reduced in size, I can’t hide the Insert Ad button (which I frankly neither want nor need, but hey — that’s what keeps the software free I guess).

Apart from that: Try it yourself. Personally I think for zero bucks this is a great piece of software.

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