Blogging clients (again?!)

I just can’t refrain from testing blogging clients. Currently I’m playing around with a tool called Qumana which is available for free on OSX and Windows. It seems to be written in Java, so maybe giving it a spin on Linux/Unix will also work, don’t know.

Up to this moment I think the client is quite nice. I guess I’ll keep it running for a while and see how it performs. That also means that there should be a little more colorful posts coming up again for Qumana supports image upload 🙂 .

Talking about blogging clients: KDE 4.0 has a very nice class called KBlog. It just screams "Tsukasa, use me for your evil purpose!". The class provides a fairly straightforward way of interacting with blogs without having to deal with all that xmlrpc crap. Instead the programmer can focus on the primary goals of the application… like a comfortable editor or whatever. Really neat 🙂 .

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