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Shopping spree!

Mainly for a presentation on FireWire I decided to get a nifty set of changers that’ll allow me to plug in my old 6-port IEEE1394a drives into the 4-port IEEE1394a port on my notebook. It’s quite trivial but adds a lot of usage to the otherwise quite unused port 🙂 .

The other thing is in preparation of my “I have to get something like a NAS together” project/problem: A nice eSata cradle. Just ignore the fact that the site is in Japanese for a moment and focus on the ingenius idea – pop in a SATA drive (which I have a *lot* of) and just work with it. Perfect to copy old data to a new drive (or vice versa). You think that’s overkill? I honestly don’t think it is. Swapping drives is a royal pain in the ass for me right now because I’ve to stoop through about 10 drives. Maybe I should re-order/rewire them one day. Or add labels. Well, whatever.

I won’t buy an Eee PC anytime soon though. I’m all lovey-dovey with the device but won’t spend 300 Euro on something that’ll get a considerable makeover within this year (which equals that it’ll hit Germany in like… 2 years). Ask again when the 9″ Eee with touchscreen hits the streets.

Any comments or thoughts? I’m rather interested in what you think of the eSata cradle.

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