The world is coming to an end

It is really nice to see the people around slowly trying alternative operating systems.

While koschmar is using Linux for about half a year now on a more or less frequent basis (or so I think 🙂 ), Lupin just gave Ubuntu another go on his beloved, yet somewhat dated notebook. Perfect choice, it makes a great learning environment and thanks to Ubuntu’s big library of shipped firmware and drivers the standard kernel apparently works very good for him.

The world must be coming to it’s end because of that.

Talking about odds and ends: KDE 4 has been postponed. New release date will be 11th of January 2008. December was a dillusion anyway 🙂 . Take your time and make it a good release instead of a speedy one.

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2 thoughts on “The world is coming to an end”

  1. hey tsuki, ich benutze linux als desktop OS seit märz/april täglichund für so ziemlich alles 🙂

    in windows bin ich – mal abgesehen von vmware und online banking – mittlerweile schon seit der letzten LAN vor 2 monaten nicht mehr gewesen.

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