GTK theme quirks

Most of the time when I’m working on my desktop machine I’m using KDE. I think it is the best choice when it comes to flexibility and features.

On my laptop though, I’m using GNOME. Reason’s simple, I don’t want to spend time on customizing applications and startups when GNOME has it all from the start.

I did copy parts of my home partition to my new laptop, obviously some KDE related stuff aswell. It didn’t bother me, until now.

I compiled a new GTK engine for a much darker theme and couldn’t help but notice that all elements except the window backgrounds were correct. The backgrounds were silver. Not so ideal for a dark theme, eh?

I pondered, why would it do that? My usual suspect is Ubuntu. Sorry, I’m like that. I had some funny bunny experience in the past with Ubuntu so I’m tempted to blame it for each and every of my problems on the notebook 🙂 .

In this particular case though Ubuntu wasn’t at fault. My KDE settings were. As lady luck wanted it I had the custom configurations of the qt-pixmap engine left on my home partition which interfered with the GTK theme settings.

A quick rm -rf .gtkrc* resolved the issue.

Excuse me while I smack my head against a wall now.

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