Adding Kagi as a Vivaldi Image Search Engine

Kagi, the search engine I was pretty hyped about a year ago, recently added support for loading up on credits via Paypal and other European-friendly, non-credit-card ways.

I have a ton of things to say about the way they flip-flop about their pricing model but that is neither here nor there. Today’s topic is all about adding Kagi to Vivaldi’s list of image search engines.

If you define the following image search URL for Kagi, the reverse image search will work in Vivaldi:{google:imageURL}&reverse=reference

That is some pretty hype stuff because that means I can fully kagi-fy my browser usage.

If you have Kagi’s Chrome extension installed, you will most likely need to uninstall or disable that extension. For some reason, Vivaldi (at the time of writing) ignores the search engine definitions created through the extension.

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