Launching Remnant 2 with Steam Support through a Batch File

Gunfire Games’ highly anticipated Remnant II is close to launch. If you are not fond of having to start it through Steam’s URL handler or Steam directly, you will quickly notice that simply launching Remnant2.exe leads to the game being offline/in a different mode.

The Unreal Wiki provides the answer as to why this is: The game expects a steam_appid.txt with the corresponding ID of the game (in this case: 1282100) to be present in the main executable’s directory.

You can easily create a Remnant2.bat in steamapps/common/Remnant2 with the following content:

@echo off
set APPID=1282100
echo %APPID% > "%CD%\Remnant2\Binaries\Win64\steam_appid.txt"
start "" "%CD%\Remnant2.exe"

Starting this batch file will automatically create the required steam_appid.txt. The game will consequently use the Steam-specific profile and save directory and launch with full Steam support.

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