VMware Workstation “hostWin32.c:559” error

When running VMware Workstation 16 or 17 on a Windows host, you perhaps encounter the following error:

PANIC: VERIFY bora\vmx\main\hostWin32.c:559

This error happens when you have a Windows VM running and then try to launch a second Windows VM. As soon as the second machine boots into the desktop/login, it crashes, and the machine stops.

Luckily, this VMware forum post gave me a workaround that solved the issue. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you as well.

I am using an Nvidia graphics adapter and have set the “Max Frame Rate” and “Background Application Max Frame Rate” settings via the Nvidia Control Panel to values other than “Off”. This is what caused the issues for me.

The solution: Simply add a program-specific customization for vmware.exe, ensure both settings are set to “Off” in the customization, and you should be good.

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