Corsair K95 Lockups

I am still rocking my beloved Corsair K95 RGB, the original one with the 18 G-keys. I still think there is no keyboard to date that is as great for multiboxing as this one.

Since migrating to my new machine a few months ago, the keyboard would occasionally do quirky things. Letting iCue run for a while caused gamepad detection to “lock-up” and took quite a while. What is worse: No up- or downgrading of iCue made a difference here.

Things like the joy.cpl, GeForce Now, Inner Space or games supporting gamepads would frequently take minutes to load. Disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard fixed the issue temporarily until something went bonkers again.

The solution to this was to force a reinstallation of the keyboard’s firmware through iCue. I have no idea why I would need to do this, but flashing the firmware again solved the issue permanently.

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