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I have been playing around with Windows 11 in a virtual machine. My thoughts can best be summed up with “a bouquet of unremarkable things nobody wanted”. Windows 11 already made the rounds on the internet over its strict “no old hardware allowed” policy and the back-and-forth over Direct Storage which seemed like nothing more than marketing bullshit.

Personally, I have an entirely different pet peeve with Windows 11: It looks revolting. It looks ugly. It looks disgusting. Windows 11 looks more and more like a failed attempt of skinning Wine to make it hip, fresh and cool. Or like the aftermath of a broken UXThemePatcher run. Or what happens when Window Blinds crashes.

“What is this?” – “…Unique”

Please remember: People, (presumably) actual living people, got paid to do this.

People that know – or should know – that a majority of old applications will look butt-ugly with a half-assed mix of design elements from Windows 2000 (console contents and some colours), Windows 8/10 (the window controls that were meant for rectangular themes) and the lunacy that is Windows 11.

The colours do not match. The icon language does not match. The margins do not match. Nothing matches.

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