Component is no option for me.

I’m a quality whore. Give me quality. What, is costs 5 additional bucks? I think you did not hear me. I said. Give. Me. Quality.

When I got my Hauppauge PVR2 GE Plus it only came with component multi-av cables for the Playstation 3. “Big deal”, people say, “you don’t see the difference on YouTube anyway.”

That may be true if you play Battlefield or Call of Duty all day. However I almost wanted to cry when I saw my glorious Playstation outputting mushy pictures…

(It’s Jena-san from Planetarian, I’m sure!)

As this small video should demonstrate there are quite a few differences, starting from the foggy picture to the blurry outlines to the ashen white color to the strange color impacts. Simply put: Playstation 2 era quality.

My advise: Grab a simple HDMI-to-DVI adapter cable, one of those DVI+Toslink-to-HDMI converters and output beautiful, sharp material. Even if you think the quality won’t be visible after your post-processing, it is still visible on your own television set during your recording, at least.

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