Relocating databases in Progress OpenEdge

One way to do it, if procopy is not an option, would be like this:

  • Copy the database and all it’s files (d*, b*, st) to the new location
  • Edit the .st file in a text-editor, replace the old path occurences with the new one
  • Open a ProEnv prompt and navigate to the database’s directory
  • Run: proutil <database name> -C truncate bi
  • Run: prostrct repair <database name>
  • Check whether all went well: prostrct list <database name>
  • If your admin server already knows the database, try to start it: dbman -db <database name> -start

A thing I noticed is the difference in output between dbman and the old Progress Explorer Tool. While the Explorer gives you some meaningful output, dbman often responds with DBMan022 which the Progress Knowledge Base refers to as a database error… duh.

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