Windows 7 – Enable concurrent RDP + multiple sessions per user

Let’s all admit it: Microsoft is still a bitch. Nowadays they try to push Metro down our throats, in the past they artificially limited the number of concurrent RDP sessions – and what’s worse: Limited the sessions to 1 per user on their client operating-systems. There’s no reason for limiting RDP on client systems (except for making it a premium feature) but a ton of scenarios where I need to be able to log-on more than once [with the same username] onto my workstation. Now, if you’re on a non-Ultimate version of Windows 7 you might be out of luck, but if you run Ultimate the following might be just what you’re looking for: Enter Concurrent RDP Patcher. Applying the patch is simple: Download, unpack and run it. Afterwards you’ll need to make a small change to your registry. Navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server

and create/modify the following DWORD value with the value 0:


After a simple reboot you’ll be able to connect to your machine – multiple times. As usual when putting your fingers where they don’t belong, make sure you keep a backup of your original termsrv.dll (can be found in your system32 directory) before getting started.

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10 Responses to Windows 7 – Enable concurrent RDP + multiple sessions per user

  1. chris says:

    Hey this is great. How to back up before starting specifically? Hope that doesnt sound totally stupid, but I do have a hard time keeping up.. Thanks

    • Tsukasa says:

      As written in the post, backup (copy) your termsrv.dll which resides in your system32 directory to a safe place before patching.

  2. Damien says:

    What exactly does this patched DLL have? I mean can we just replace the DLL with the Windows Server 2008 DLL instead and make those registry changes since Server 2008 allows multiple connections?

  3. Tsukasa says:

    The DLLs should be identical or at least near identical (depending on your patch-level). The only change to the consumer version of Windows over it’s server counterpart is the lack of administrative tools and some deliberately disabled features.

    The patch sets or disables some flags within the DLL to enable just these features.

    One very simple reason that I link to this patch instead of a pre-patched DLL is that redistributing parts of Windows is a touchy subject.

  4. says:

    how to know how many sessions are connected to my desktop by using concurrent RDP patcher

    • Tsukasa says:

      Press Ctrl+Alt+Del, go to the task-manager, switch to the Users tab. You’ll see all connected sessions.

    • Tsukasa says:

      Within the list there’s a column “Session” that shows whether the client is sitting in front of the machine or using the /admin flag (usually “Console”) or using RDP.

      • says:

        client is using form linux machine. in task manager client name is showing like localhost only how can i find ip address for the localhost.

  5. Pedro says:

    How many simultaneous connections have Windows 7 with this patch?

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