WinSCP alternative for GNU/Linux desktops

Let’s be honest: While it’s okay to work on the command line, I do prefer to use a graphical application for file-operations.

On Windows you can use WinSCP to work on remote systems via SSH. There are quite a number of questions whether there’s a good alternative for the GNU/Linux desktop available.

Filezilla is probably the premier choice when it comes to FTP clients but it is suprisingly well-groomed for SCP/SFTP as well. The application runs rather stable, doesn’t simply stop during file-transfers and also handles move/copy operations gracefully.

For my needs Filezilla is the best choice. It’s simple and does what it is supposed to do. Filezilla also sports a great “bookmark” system for different connections, allowing me to quicklyswitch between my web-hosts – no matter whether SCP or FTP.

In short: Go with Filezilla if you need an alternative to WinSCP for GNU/Linux.

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