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So, as posativ pointed out the infamous Jugendmedienzensurstaatsvertrag is off the table (at least for now, although we all know proposals like this never die) – so let’s stick it to the man and keep the posts rolling.

What’s new?

If you’ve been wondering why tray icons in Ubuntu aren’t transparent, the answer is simple: The maintainers compile the applets with the wrong flags. To get your transparent tray icons back, do this:

– Grab the build-dependencies and the source for gnome-panel through apt-get
– Edit the debian/rules file and add the flag ”–with-in-process-applets=notification-area” to DEB_CONFIGURE_EXTRA_FLAGS
– Rebuild the package, install and enjoy.

Kind of sad that this problem seems to exist for a long time now and no one seems to care.

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