XBMC and Lirc – bleh

Since I got a Xbox 360 Universal Remote quite some time ago (actually: when a friend of mine decided that the Xbox 360 is a terrible console and not worth having – a sentiment I can only share) I was always keen on getting the little bugger to work with XBMC. Lady Luck smiled at me when I finally found a cheap RC6-compatible USB IR-receiver on eBay. Just to get you some idea what I bought:

Bus 003 Device 002: ID 147a:e017 Formosa Industrial Computing, Inc. eHome Infrared Receiver

Yep, it’s one of the run-of-the-mill Formosa SnowFlakeEmulation thingies you find in just about anything from Acer laptops to small projector addons. I don’t know about you but that’s more than I could ever ask for (at least for the 2€ I paid) and the device works flawlessly with Lirc and the Xbox 360 remote (as long as the batteries don’t die on you). So, easy peasy to get all the stuff I already hacked together wired into XBMC, eh? Not at all. You see, XBMC does try – and I’m not doing anything wrong methinks – to use /dev/lircd as an endpoint for Lirc. The commandline –lircdev gets ignored completely. Maybe I’m missing a link here. The solution is pretty simple: Create a symlink to /var/run/lirc/lircd, start XBMC and rejoice – it verks!

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