Run Wuala as a Windows service

One of the more common questions is how to run Wuala as a Windows service. There is a thread describing how to run Wuala as a scheduled task which may satisfy some people – but let’s face it: You probably want a real service, you know, one you can control through “net start” and “net stop”.

Setting up your own services on Windows is pretty easy these days. You either shell out squid for FireDaemon or go the free way with srvany. If you don’t like fiddling around with software this piece of software may interest you. It is a simple service wrapper for Wuala written in C# that installs a new service called wuasrv and starts/stops the client software accordingly.

Installation is dead simple:

– Configure Wuala (i.e. check the “remember password” box)
– Unpack WualaService
– Edit WuaSrv.xml and alter path to point to your wuala.exe
– Run ServiceInstaller.exe
– Open the Windows service manager, select the Wuala service, go to it’s properties and change the account it runs under (running Wuala under SYSTEM account may not be such a great idea)
– Start the service and rejoice.

Configure Wuala to auto-login and enable the Dokan integration to get your W: drive right at boot 🙂 .

I’ll post the source-code to the programs later on, so enjoy 🙂 .

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  1. Great tool, and worked perfectly. I’ve no clue why Wuala hasn’t included this in the default product yet, but I appreciate your efforts to fill the gap!

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