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Normally I’d love to keep this blog on a somewhat technical level, the early days of keen happiness and witty jokes are over. This usually means no games, no warez, no porn, no music and no opinions on online games.

Photoshopped in only one night!

People have problems with me playing cutey online-golf. That’s okay. I also play a lot of gory shooters and nobody seems to care (as it seems to fit my image, personality or character).
So, in the last days the US servers have been kind of… well… they had a bit of a problem with in-game currency inflation. Since it was weekend and nobody could ever have guessed that people play online-games on weekends, there were no GMs to be seen and things went tits up. The first emergency measure to counter hacker-mania was to shut down the Titan Boo server (which, for the non-players, is the server for Brazil). When coming to grips with the fact that this didn’t change jack they did the right thing and closed down Dolfini (again, for those non-golfers: That’s basically the market place) to prevent further abuse.

Today I log on after the maintenance to see – oh gasp – that my quit-rate is down to 0.00% again (Ai laik!!) and that we get wonderful new rares and cash-only items (Ai laik too!!). But what does that all bring me when the rates for scratchy and papel rares are still low low low LOW. Ah, and we have yet another great 2x Pang, 2x experience event this weekend. This time you can buy multipliers in large quantities, basically allowing you to get from Rookie F to Amateur E within one weekend (remember kids: Base experience * 2 [event] * 2 [multiplier] * mascot bonus).

She's legal. At least in some parts of the world...

Above an illustration about old swimming suits and new bikinis. Stuff’s available for just about any character but why would anyone not play Kooh? By the way, you get the swimming suit on the left in pink from scratchy now. Not that I would want the same thing in pink.
And why did you remove the Cousteau Goggles just when I was about to buy them?!

So, back to code and earnest work…

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