Yesterday I mucked about MonoDevelop, part of my reasoning being MonoDevelop presumably failing while compiling my perfect, non-errorous Vala code.

Shame on me, though: The blame is entirely mine, respectively my inability to check first and whine later.

So, what happened? Build yourself a nice crashing Vala application that should send something out to the console before biting the dust. Now build it on Debian Squeeze. Run and check. Well, it certainly does print it’s dying message.

Now repeat the same experiment on Ubuntu 10.4, lo and behold: You won’t see the message.

This is the point where reasonable people would simply check the strings in the produced binary. Didn’t think of doing that, mea culpa; you’ll see the strings are present in the file but not being displayed (ergo: There’s no problem at all, just some unexpected behaviour).

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