Dxtory: Another great Direct X/OpenGL capture program

As you might be aware, I’m a big fan of programs like Fraps or Gamecam. Especially Fraps is a great tool, it works as a FPS benchmark, video capturing program and… no, that’s it.

Gamecam has a similar set of features including an in-game overlay UI that always warns me to not use Steam overlay and Gamecam.

My biggest gripe is that both tools drag down the FPS so much when recording. Of course, a little loss is to be expected. There is a lot of I/O work being done behind the scenes. That’s no excuse for limiting my FPS to the set frame-rate of the video, though.

Fraps has somewhat acknowledged this as a “not-so-nice” thingy and thus you can allow higher frame-rates with newer versions of the software. Now it is debatable whether this really works as intended, the internet is a vast place and many forum posts state that there is no change (my sentiments exactly); recording at 30fps still drags down the game to 30fps, recoding at 60fps keeps the game at 60fps. So there’s no performance issue but… well, I don’t know.

That’s where the Japanese (but available in English) program Dxtory comes in: Dxtory does screenshots, videos, benchmarks and has a broad set of great features many people long wanted for Fraps. You can define multiple save locations and measure their speed, you have the possibility to select two distinct audio recording sources and – most importantly – you have a broad range of options for configuring the video capture. Of course, you’re not very impressed yet.

Well, while Fraps and Gamecam drag down the in-game frame-rate, Dxtory keeps the rate stable while recording. Yep, enjoy your Pangya at whooping 200fps while recording a 30fps video.

Which brings me to another great point: You can create profiles for specific applications. All the settings are configurable per application.

If you don’t know whether Dxtory is for you or not you can grab the free trial from the homepage. There is no time restriction for trial recordings (another great thing over Fraps), so test it to your heart’s content. A license costs 3600 Yen which is about 30 Euros.

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