Solaris lashing out

If you’ve been following my twitter feed you probably know that I’m not in a good mood when it comes to OpenSolaris:

Not only does 2009.06 ship with a notoriously broken CIFS server, effectively rendering zfs set sharesmb=on useless for me, it also doesn’t play nice when upgrading to snv_118 from the dev repositories. On 118 I’m getting hit by some strange xc_free_msg stuff that has apparently been fixed in 119 (which I can’t use because the SXCE build for 119 has severe problems, apparently).

Now, VirtualBox on the other hand is only a minor pain in the buttocks. For the entire 3.x series VirtualBox constantly locks up OpenSolaris (preferrably in the middle of the night so I can get to work first thing in the morning). The fix is available (again), you only have to build VirtualBox from source. Since this is not an option for me, I simply went back to the last version of the old 2.x series. Yes, this does fix the problem but it leaves me somewhat unsatisfied.

Makes me hope that Sun fixes a load of things in it’s products till the 2010.02 release, so it’ll be a pleasant upgrade 🙂 .

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