Pangya! Vista Icon

I dig the Vista icons. Unfortunately not all applications come with nice icons. Pangya, for instance, still has a 32×32 low color icon despite getting constant makeovers, patches and improvements.

Since I had to reinstall Microangelo anyway, I whipped up a nice little icon for Vista users:

pangya_vista_compAs you can see, the icon still is the beloved Dolfini, now in all it’s might and shine. There are quite a lot of sizes packed in the icon, so even when scaling the icon size up, it still looks great.

Download the icon file right here and enjoy 🙂 .

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4 thoughts on “Pangya! Vista Icon”

  1. It’s from ef – a tale of melodies, although the artwork is from the game version rather than the anime adaption (which is great, nonetheless!).

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