XDCC Browser 4.41, XdccbLister and XCB files

XDCCB is a very nice script for mIRC. It automates the often lengthy process of grabbing files off IRC bots and eases navigation. XDCCB uses a list format with the extension .xcb, for this file format there’s a handy tool to convert text lists, html et cetera into the format XDCCB can process: XdccbLister.

Unfortunately, XdccbLister has long been forgotten and XDCCB development moved on, leading to a discrepancy in file format output. Fortunately, though, the tool is free software so I’ve hacked together a very simple patch that should fix at least the biggest issues.

The patch can be applied against the v.0.5 you can grab at SourceForge. If you don’t want to do that, be it because you don’t have Perl or don’t know how, you can also grab a prebuild executable here.

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