Public SVN access is back

Okay, I admit… it’s not quite “back” but more like “resurrected”.

I re-setup the entire server and suddenly it works again. Currently there’s not much for guest users to checkout, though. The Wuala API Wrapper sourcecode can be obtained from there, since I won’t post the entire code for every little stable — I guess that’s interesting for some people. Address for checkout: //<repository>

The server’s now running with VisualSVN, routed through’s main Apache. It works reasonably well and the admin console is quite slick.

As you can see, WebSVN has been updated to the newest version, OHAB and other old projects have been removed from SVN.

Also new: Automated build/unit tests through CruiseControl .NET. Not that I’d ever commit non-working code 😉

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