Using T-Online’s Call & Surf Comfort Plus? Free Hotspots!

Wowzers, today I was waiting at the trainstation for my next ride home when I decided to power-on my notebook and scan for open wireless networks. T-Mobile obviously had one in range, I immediatly connected (hoping for free cookies, but no way 🙁 ) and was greeted with a very intruiging notice: You can actually use a lot of official, high bandwidth hotspots for free with T-Mobile’s T-Hotspot offer that – and that’s the vital point here – includes a flatrate.

Well, if it contains a flatrate it obviously isn’t free but – and that’s the second vital point – if you’re already a T-Online customer with at least Call & Surf Comfort Plus (basically the worry-free package that we have at home) you do get free access to all the hotspots.

That is pretty kickass and I definetively have something to look forward to from now on 🙂 . Also, I was surprised to see how many trains of DB are equipped with hotspots already, makes me love DB even more than I currently do.

To check if you qualify for free access already simply log into your customer center, choose “Services” and select “Hotspot”.

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