Lupin thinks this blog needs more posts. Unfortunately there’s so much interesting stuff going on that the little time I have doesn’t suffice to satisfy err… bla.

Part of the reason I don’t post much is that

  • …this WordPress installation is somehow totally borked and doesn’t let me upload any more media.
  • …I don’t have that much time to spare to talk about every little bit that I’m working/interested on/in.

Posting something just for the sake of posting is bad. It’s not like there’s nothing to talk about, though.

If you want to know what I’m currently interested in you can check out the following things in Google:
kde 4.1, qyoto, pandas, koalas, pandas, koalas, pandas, koalas, pandas, koalas, ducks, powershell, nas, solaris, raptors, cmake, mono, kangaroos.

I think it says it all. There’s always action, explosions and much sex involved in my everyday life, so stop pestering me for more insight.

Did I mention I’ll be on vacation the next two weeks? No? That’s going to be great. Maybe it’ll be worth a post.

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