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For a while now I’m using Wuala, a distributed redundant file system / P2P mashup application, one of these hard to classify programs that bear great features and sometimes pesky bugs. Theres less of the latter and more of the former so I’m very pleased with it.

In the last weeks features were extended quite a bit: A new “Pro” status was introduced to honor people who trade space and help the network grow. Pro status allows you to disable the ads and various other kinky things that I don’t know of yet (basically because I’m too lazy to change anything). Also new is the possibility to purchase space from Caleido AG directly – but the prices make it more attractive to just trade space 🙂 .

If you want to peek into Wuala before the big open beta starts you can do so: There’s loads of invites flying around the web. If you’re too lazy to search and just want to try it leave a comment in this post and I’ll send an invite your way. That’s the good thing about being a misantropic bastard: Lots of unsent invites left 🙂 .

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