Talking about KDE 4.1 again

Last time I didn’t find too many positive words for KDE. Therefore I’m happy to announce that the points noted in the last article are not entirely fixed, the DE is very useable though.

Yes, what I’m trying to press out is that I’m using KDE 4.1 from Debian’s experimental repositories as my new desktop environment now. If I wouldn’t be such a klutz I could probably use the patches from OpenSUSE to fix all my outstanding problems since the oS v11 seems to have the patchpower behind it (main problem’s  still that I cannot reorder items in the panel).

I’m thorougly impressed by the FolderView plasmoid that I do not have as of yet — but the videos, screenshots and blogposts sound exactly like the thing I want (basically: an old-fashioned desktop with icons so I can drag and drop stuff onto it).

The Debian packages are a little broken, unfortunately. To get as much plasma love as possible you should apt-get source extragear-plasma and build the applets manually, otherwise you’ll have just 2-3 usable plasmoids left. Also, there seems to be an issue with moving plasmoids around on the activity-desktop-thingy.

Apart from that: I’m really looking forward to 4.1 final!

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