9 thoughts on “HDParm Service: Automatically disable spindown on Vista”

  1. Hi,

    thanks for the service! I found it on http://msiwind.net forums, to get rid of the hd clicking (usual bug of these maschines shipped with WD harddisks) – and it works great. But interestingly it looks like that after hibernation or standby, the service does not restore the appropiate values – but after restarting the service, clicking (spindowns or parks or whatever) stops.

    The OS is WinXP Pro. Perhaps the cause is that this is not Vista? But if you can suggest a thing to make the service restart happen after resumes, that would be better than cool. 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi karex,

    I think I know what causes this problem and will fix it on weekend. Until then you can manually re-enforce the settings by either using hdparm directly or restarting the hdparmservice (net stop hdparmservice;; net start hdparmservice).

    It’s a stupid problem that should also affect Vista, so rest assured (or not, depending on how dear you hold your disk :-)).

  3. Tsukasa, is the service not restarting after sleep/hibernate issue fixed in the updated new version?

  4. [quote comment=””]Tsukasa, is the service not restarting after sleep/hibernate issue fixed in the updated new version?[/quote]
    At this point it is not, I fear. I’ve been looking into this for quite a while now and can’t find the issue as the program executes as intended (which obviously doesn’t help anyone if it’s not working correctly 🙂 ).

  5. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could help! I installed this service on vista & want to fully remove HDPARM so my hardrive is back to it’s default APM settings. I unstalled HDPARM but still have a HDPARM.XML file. I basically want to know correct way to uninstall HDPARM so hardrive back to default power management.

    Thanks very much if you can help!

  6. If you have run the Uninstall.bat, and you don’t see the service under Administrative Tools anymore, it is totally uninstalled. In that case you can delete any files that may be left from hdparmService (like the xml or the install log).

    Since hdparm changes soft parameters on runtime there’s nothing you need to revert. If the service is not running and invoking hdparm, all your hard-drive settings are set to the manufactor’s default.

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