CoreAVC 1.7 + Mplayer

It took me about a week to sort out some issues with my setup but now CoreAVC 1.7 is running fine in my SVN version of Mplayer thanks to the revamped patches from the CoreAVC-for-Linux project (yay, no more old builds!).

Some notes:

  • If you’re using the correct-pts option in your ~/.mplayer/config you should set it to “no” to get a huge performance boost. I dearly hope this is a new thing… otherwise I’d have to redo all my benchmarks 😉 .

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2 thoughts on “CoreAVC 1.7 + Mplayer”

  1. Hi, could you please provide a how-to abot the necessary steps for doing that?

    I am trying but when i compile mplayer (after applied the patch) i got:

    make: *** [loader/win32.o] Error 1


  2. Hi Michael,

    the patchset doesn’t work on recent svn checkouts anymore. If you want to apply it, you’ll have to resort to the stable builds available from You may have to compile –disable-mencoder though 🙂 .

    Alternatively you can try to apply this patch to current svn checkouts, it may break at any time though.

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