I’m a big fan of new technologies and interesting software. I’m also a fan of filesystems and the concepts behind filesharing programs.

So I’m really glad to be able to give Wuala a try. The program can best be described as a decentralized, p2p based filesystem with credit system built in that’ll integrate into your filesystem (on Linux via NFS) and allows you to store files encrypted on the net.

Yeah, sounds a little bit fishy. But it works flawlessly and quite fast to this point so I can’t really moan 🙂 . The idea is quite simple: For starters you get 1GB of space, if you are online on a regular basis (more than 17%) you can trade space on your harddisk for more online space.

What to make of Wuala? Time will tell, there are only a few users right now and the formula for online time calculation could need a little makeover. Apart from that: Cool!

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