Venturing into KDE4… and back.

Since anything I would write in long paragraphs would be nothing but a rant, I’ll keep it brief and half-way composed:

Blablabla, complaining about how much plasma agravates me right now (including theme, sound scheme is nice), blablabla, don’t care about all the other applications but fix the base desktop stuff, blablabla.

Blabla, not enough configuration options for the end user, blablabla, plasma settings for desktop don’t get saved on-the-fly but on logout, blablabla, zoom-out does happen without my written consent, blablabla, panel width dialog doesn’t allow typed vales > 1024, blablabla, Marble = great , blablabla, development speed has to be godlike to fix all this ’till 4.1. Blablabla, so for now I’m back on the proud 3.5.9.

It’s like KDE4 tries hard to look cool and stuff but when you ask it to dance it looks at you with big eyes and falls straight onto it’s pretty face. That’s the feeling I get.

Blablabla. Personally I think the devs are still the coolest kids on the block. Even if I can’t select multiple files on my “desktop”.

Did I forget anything… ah yes, blablabla.

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