My new favorite toy

…hardware-wise is probably the M-Audio KeyRig 49 MIDI Controller. What, you might ask, Tsukasa and music?

Yeah, that’s quite a shock. But I really enjoy venturing into new stuff and doing application development all the time is wearing me out a little. So I thought… what the hell, time for something totally new.

I guess I should read into stuff like what a melody is and how to work the keys on a keyboard effectively… at this point I’m barely able to play Meister Jakob — but a kickass Meister Jakob, I swear 😉 .

Of course I’m using the Keyrig from within FLStudio, thankfully the device comes with a USB port attached so I can easily plug it into my notebook and start hammering out terrible noises (I’m really good at that, too!).

So if you should ever be in need of a terrible annoyance to piss off your neighbours — just give me a shout 😉 .

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  1. Wir wolln dich spielen hörn wir wolln dich spielen hörn, wir woll wir wolln, wir wolln dich spielen hörn 😉

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