Rebuilding Vista’s Security Center cache

My notebook initially shipped with a load of crap like McAfee Internet Security (the trial of course), I had to uninstall all that stuff before it became usable. Now the problem is that obviously nobody at McAfee had the idea that some people would actually uninstall the software.

I did, though, and was left with some undeleted entries in the Security Center, q.e.d., which proves to be a royal p.i.t.a. if you get this analogy. So, to remove these buggers I did…

  1. Stop the Windows Management Interface service
  2. Delete C:\Windows\System32\Wbem\Recovery
  3. Start the service again
  4. Reboot

Now Windows only shows the software that is actually installed instead of bazillions of dead, non-existent ghosts. The Windows Management Interface service keeps a cache that gets rebuilt on every reboot (or so the wise interweb says).

Problem solved, Tsukasa happy.

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