Just a few lines on GTK

GTK deprecates things faster than building on-par alternatives. Got messaged a few days ago, it seems eggtray is really about to meet it’s (undeserved) end in favor for it’s bastard infant overlord GtkTrayIcon. Needless to say that GtkTrayIcon is not feature equivalent with it’s precessor (which is a shame).

GTK also has the habit of using ridiculously long names for it’s function names. I’m not writing a fscking novel here, but program code. Yeah right, don’t give me that look, I’m writing program code for it to work, not to win the Pulizer price.

void gtk_will_win_me_the_pulizer_price_oneday(GtkStupidObject *bullshit) or what?

Please organize your project a little more and stop punching useless, not-quite-so-ready controls down people’s throat GTK!

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