*buntu debutes

I'm pretty sure BeOS fans remember the name Bernd Korz. He's the head behind now defunct Zeta (a BeOS distribution without proper license). After having shutdown Zeta development due to shady and improper licensing (was there some kind of agreement at all?) it became quite silent around Korz.

He's back now, though. And he brings along a grotesque named Zebuntu, a Linux distro that apparently features BlueEyedOS in it's foundations; enabling it to run BeOS apps with very little work.

Now, just let me ask the silent reader: Why?

If I'd really want to do something like this I could just install the necessary tools for it. There is absolutely no need for another dedicated distro with this as it's focus.

But then again: It's free software and nobody forces me to use it, so… who cares.

Someone who will care is Mr. Cash Mark Shuttleworth who'll probably not be happy that someone is riding on his *buntu distro naming scheme again. But then again, I care about Mr. Shuttleworth about as much as he cares about me… so… 

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