Intel and hp!! *shakes fist at Intel and hp*

I dare to say that this combination can be quite interesting. I know that in our busy times companies have to push out products fast. And believe me, I understand that. Pinky promise!

But why, oh why, can’t you just spend a little more time in quality assurance. I had the doubtly honor to setup a hp laptop that somehow refused to let me use the ethernet port. Now why could that be? The machine is a shiny new product so I was a little confused. No one should’ve tampered with the BIOS settings (besides me, that is) so I was stuck.

The wise intertubes revealed to me the secret of my miserable performance: The notebook’s preloaded BIOS was faulty, flashing it resolved all issues with Intel’s drivers and hp’s… well… machine.

Now, if you could just explain to me why a consumer has to flash the brand new (and not too cheap) product on it’s arrival in order to get it to work? I mean, I’m not even talking about some other-than-Windows OS, but Windows XP.

Hardware, much like software, seems to ripen in/on the consumer’s machine lately. And with lately I mean “ever since Vista came out”. What a lousy trend… At least hp had the decency to *not* preload the notebook with one of Microsofts godsends. Chapeau, at least for that.

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