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I’m pretty sure most people that have worked with a Macintosh know of a nifty editor called TextMate. You can best compare it to, for instance, Vim. Both editors are quite extendable, fun to use and feature an almost infinite amount of stuff that makes life a little bit easier. I finally found a great editor for Windows that is, in large portions, compatible with TextMate and it’s bundles. That’s great news because it makes the editor a usability goldmine (I like the word usability, as you probably noticed). The editor is called “e” and is free to try for 30 days. After that period, similar to WinRAR, you’ll get nagscreens. If you don’t know why you would/should/could use this editor, there’s a neat screencast on the homepage that demonstrates some of the features. Okay, Vim does pretty much the same, but not as nice as TextMate or e. As a matter of fact I’m posting this blog entry from the editor. On Vista you need to run e as Administrator the first time you use it in order to install Cygwin (if you need Cygwin).

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