A green tip

Much to my regret I have a lot of battery-powered devices at home. It starts with a simple clock and goes all the way up to my laptop.

The fact that batteries aren’t really the eco-friendliest thing in the world is not news. So you can do alot to ensure, even though you may be using a lot of battery-powered devices, that you don’t use more than necessary…

My gamepad for instance is a wireless RumblePad 2 (Logitech). I don’t use it that much but the device keeps on draining it’s batteries. Simple solution: Kick the batteries out of the device when you don’t need it.

Also from Logitech: The MX Revolution mouse that I’m using with my laptop. Unfortunately I can’t just remove the batteries from the device but I can at least switch it off completely when I don’t need it.

When I’m at home I’m using my laptop on AC. That means I can safely remove the battery from it. I know many people who don’t do that, mainly because it’s a hassle. If you should ever bother to read the manual you’ll see that removing the battery is indeed the preferred way.

We’re wasting a lot of energy and resources with little crap like that. Maybe think about it a little and count the batteries in your devices. Stack them up and be amazed by the number.

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2 thoughts on “A green tip”

  1. Die Umwelt ist mir egal, die Kosten um Ersatzenergiespeicher zu kaufen jedoch nicht.

    Ein Akku fürs Notebook kostet ca. 150-200 Euro. Das ist ein Zehntel des Anschaffungspreises.

    Beim iPod oder irgendwelchen anderen Geräten kommt dazu, dass man die Batterien oft nicht selber wechseln kann, ergo entstehen Ausfälle in der Zeit.

    Noch schlimmer: Wenn Batterien auslaufen oder whatnot.

    Ist also wie immer alles technikbezogen 🙂 .

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